Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Why am I blogging at 5:55am?

I have great advice I wish someone would of given me before last night. When you ask some one to wake you up when they leave, make sure you know what time they are leaving first.

99 percent of the time my dh leaves for work at 6:30am. 1 percent of the time he leaves earlier. This was one of those mornings. He gets up to get in the shower and wakes me up. I am extremely tired. I am wondering why I am so tired. I am stumbling through the kitchen to let the dog out. I am trying to make my coffee maker work. I have a Senseo Coffee Pod system. I have this so I do not have to measure coffee and put it in a filter while trying to wake up. This morning I am having problems getting the pod in the little basket thingy.

I am clearly not waking up. Many mornings I wake up on my own when dh gets up. Why am I so tired today? Finally dh tells me why. Here is our conversation

DH: It's only 5:15am.
Me: It is not! I can't focus on the clock to see if he is telling the truth. I walk in the kitchen where I can see the clock. It is 5:15 am. Why on earth did you wake me up this early?
Dh: YOU TOLD ME TO! (I can not believe he actually said this)
Me:But you didn't tell me you were getting up at 5:00am.
DH: You didn't ask.
Me: Geez thanks, maybe when I told you to wake me up you could of mentioned you were getting up at 5:00am.
Dh: At least now you won't be in a mad rush to get out of here this morning.
Me: I kind of like the mad rush, it gets me moving in the morning.

So now we are all ready to go and have an hour and half to burn. I am writing this when I could be in bed sleeping. Maybe I will go put on my make up instead of doing it in 5 minutes when we get to where we are going.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

An old post I never posted from May

I almost died yesterday!!!….. Really……

Ok so I have not had one post in all of May. Let me explain. It seems May in the busiest month of the year. All this time I thought it was December.

We had 4H end of year party, Girl Scout Awards, Boy Scout Camp out, Presidential Fitness Awards. I am sure I am forgetting a few things. Add to that Baseball and you are booked.

We also had a couple of really bad storms. One of those storms knocked out the tower for the Internet. We were without the Internet for over a week. I have decided I am addicted. It was a rough week but I made it through.

We also have been working over time on the garden.

Now how I almost died yesterday.

My dd wanted to go check on the garden. So we went out and pulled weeds, checked what was growing and etc. We were ready to come in and were walking up the steps when dd screamed. She put her hand out to stop me. Like a mother would do to protect her children from danger. I should of turned and run then. But instead I stepped in front of my daughter to protect her from the danger.

Well standing in front of me was a cat with a mouse hanging out of his mouth. I screamed and ran. I don’t really remember running or screaming. Next thing I know my daughter is standing next to me in the driveway asking me what’s wrong. I am still screaming. She is telling me to calm down. Then she tells me the cat is gone now. It is ok. I am still screaming. She assures me the cat is gone and the mouse is gone. We slowly walk back to the house. I get in the house and I am still screaming. She keeps telling me to calm down. By now ds is wondering what’s wrong. DD tells him. He gets me a glass of water.

I finally calm down. See if there had been a snake on the porch I would of remained calm and handled the situation. But mice and rats I can’t handle it. I have this phobia it is real. I can’t help it.