Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Quote of the day.....

Dd was letting the dog in and said " You should not leave dogs outside all the time. They are really just like people only naughtier."

I thought this was so funny. What's even funnier we have a dog that lives outside all the time. we have two dogs in the house and one who lives outside full time. I guess since the outside dog has a job protecting the chickens it doesn't count????

Saturday, September 20, 2008

What is THAT dog barking at........

This phrase has been said quite often lately. Over the last week or two the dog has been barking for no reason. This is the dog who usually never barks. Recently he has started barking at nothing. He will not stop he stands there and barks and barks. The other day I had enough and decided to go search for something he was barking at. I found it. A snake skin on the bookcase. Don't be alarmed this was found outside and brought it. Maybe that is alarming. The other night the dog was barking at a the container that has all the Nintendo DS games in it. Dh asked what is THAT dog barking at. Dd said the DS games. I thought it was a little strange he was barking at the DS games but THAT dog is a little strange. Then latter the dog who barks all the time was walking by the container that has the DS games and stopped several feet away. You could tell she was smelling something. She then made a huge detour around the container watching the container the entire time. Now I had to go check out the container. You guessed it the snake skin was in the container.

Now I have to call our dog trainer and make an appointment for THAT dog to get snake proofed. The dog who barks all the time but didn't bark at the snake skin was snaked proofed several years ago. She wanted nothing to do with it. THAT dog was interested in it. Now I have proof snake proofing really works. These are hunting dogs who spend time running in fields and have a good chance of encountering a snake. They have a rattlesnake vaccine but I would prefer not finding out how well that works.

Who knew dogs could smell a snake skin. I am wondering how they know what a snake skin smells like? Why if they can smell the snake skin do they not think they stink when they get sprayed by a skunk. I know they don't care if they have been sprayed by a skunk. How do I know this? Because they have been sprayed more than once. If I got sprayed by a skunk it would only take me one time to know to stay FAR away from skunks.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Swiffer again.........

I should do an infomercial for Swiffer. This would air on the rural living channel. Really there is a channel on TV that is for people living in Rural America. I am not sure what it is called but scan your channels and you will find it.

We have found yet another use for our handy dandy Swiffer.

Getting praying mantises off the ceiling. Now you might be wondering why a Praying Mantis was on my ceiling. It all started when I asked ds to let the dog out. He let the dog out and told dd you should see this. It was a spider web right by the door, under the porch light. Several bugs were caught in the web. Dd said she needed help. A praying mantis was stuck in the web. Ds got a drumstick the kind for playing drums not eating. He was able to get the praying mantis out of the web. He was trying to put the praying mantis on the porch when some how it ended up in the house.

After much screaming it was on the ceiling. I got a paper towel to try to catch it while standing on the arm of the couch. More screaming and it is now in the kitchen on the ceiling. Dd is screaming get it, if it touches the light it will die. I am running around trying to find things to stand on to catch it.

Then the Swiffer came to the rescue again. I grabbed it and held the end to the ceiling. Almost as if he knew our plan the praying mantis walked right to the Swiffer and climbed on. I walked to the front door stuck the swiffer outside and praying mantis flew away.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Is it a rental car or an emergency spare?

I drive a large SUV. I have driven a SUV for over 15 years. This week my suv is going in the shop for a strange sound. It has been making this sound since a few weeks after we bought it. The thing is every time I go to the dealership it stops. They have had it there several times no sound. Last week we were wasting time waiting for DS to get out of class. It made the sound. We quickly drove to the dealership got the service manager and went back to the parking lot the sound happened in. It must have had something to do with the incline. It made the sound for him. Yeah, I was so happy he probably thought I was crazy. I was just happy he finally heard the sound and knew I wasn’t crazy.

That brings us to tonight. We are going to the Big City on Wednesday. Here is the conversation about that trip.

Me: My truck is going into the shop this week.
DH : Why?
Me: For the weird noise it makes.
DH: ok
Me: That means we will have a rental car.
DH: So….
Me: Do you really want to drive a Ford Escort to the city?
DH: People drive them everywhere, every day.
Me: Sure they do.
DH: Of course they do. It’s car.
Me: I’m not sure, I think of it more like the little spare tire they put on some cars. The ones with the warning don’t drive for more than 50 miles. Don’t exceed speeds of 40mph.
DH: I am sure Ford would be glad to hear that.
Me: No not just Fords I love Fords. That’s all we have driven. It’s all little cars. I think they should have warning labels on them.
DH: Laughing.
Me: Maybe I will just see if the truck can go in the shop when we get back.
I just read this post to DH and his response. Well I would rather not drive a little car to the city. So he agrees it’s like an emergency spare. Only use it when you have to.