Sunday, January 31, 2010

What Happened???

What Happened??
Is it really 2010? Is it really almost the 2nd month of 2010? Can you believe I haven't had anything to blog about in 3 months? Of course I have had things to blog about. Some how I just haven't found the time to write them down. I think I'm making a deal with myself to blog every day for the rest of the year. It can be a sentence but it needs to be something. I know you guys are all excited to hear what I'm doing so I will start sharing with you. LOL

The top story of January is about the kids and I running from the truck dealership and the sales manager chasing after us yelling wait, wait, we can work this out.

Several funny things that have been said so, I will start my list on the side bar. I had planned to do that last year and never did. This is the year I finish everything I started the last ten years. Where has the last ten years gone? At least if the next ten years go by as fast I will have a record of them here. The 40 mark is getting closer and closer then I have to get a new blog. I'm looking forward to 40 being the new 20. I think being 20 again knowing what I know now will be fun.