Sunday, March 23, 2008

New Job Title

I have a new job title…….

I became a plastic surgeon today. We have a new puppy. He has a thing for Barbie. He likes to use Barbie as a chew toy.

This morning he stole a Barbie and before we could catch him barbie lost her head. My sweet little girl was crying. It was her favorite Barbie.

I was trying to repair Barbie. My assistant a.k.a. my daughter told me there is a pink thing in her head and you have to get that out and it snaps in here. I guess she has done this before.

I am trying to get the pink thing out and my assistant is watching. So I suggest she finish cleaning her room. No mommy I want to watch the plastic surgery.

I let her watch the plastic surgery. After all how could I refuse? She just gave me a job title I never dreamed I would have.

I knew moms had many titles, I just never knew it would some day include plastic surgeon.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Trading in my old car.

Buying a car is always an experience. We bought a new one this past weekend. We were trading in my old car. Here is a conversation we had.

DH : Where is the second key and remote to your car? (let me add when did cars you ride in on the highway start having remotes? I thought remotes went to toys.)

Me: They were run over.

DH : You ran over your keys?

Me: No some one else ran over them.

DH: Why did someone run over your keys?

Me: Probably because they were in the road.

DH: Why were your keys in the road.

Me: They must of fallen off the bumper of my truck.

DH: Oh it is starting to make sense now. (rolling his eyes) How did you find them?

Me: Some guy called me and said he found them.

DH: How did he get the number, do you have our number on your keys?

Me: The lady at the library gave him our number. Before you ask my library card is on my keys.

DH: Why did I even ask where they were in the first place? (with a bit of sarcasm)

Me: Because the sales guy wanted them.