Saturday, August 30, 2008

You say it's your birthday......

It was my birthday and I was trying to come up with a symbolic post for the day. I failed. Every time I thought of something I could not expand on it.

The kids and I were in the car driving. I can’t begin to tell you how many miles my kids have ridden in a car, truck or SUV. But my youngest has easily logged 200,000 miles. They are great in the car. The entertainment has changed over the years. They look out the window, listen, watch and play Audio Cd’s, DVDs, game systems, checkers, cards, read books and just talk When you spend as much time in the car as us you get creative.

Today ds was reading a book and dd was listening to an audio book. I can’t read in the car it makes me carsick.

I will get to the point. I know I ramble when I type just like when I talk.

We were driving down the highway and suddenly for a brief second these little drops of water fell on my windshield. I thought did someone turn on a sprinkler. Oops, I had actually said it out loud. Both kids look at the windshield and asked what happened. I said I don’t know. We were driving down the highway in rural America we were not in the suburbs. No sprinkler systems out here. I spent too many years driving around neighborhoods with the sprinklers watering the street. Both kids said what do you think that was?

DD said I think it’s sprinkling. DS I don’t know, I don’t see any clouds.

I said I think a few little drops of rain fell from the sky. Both kids said maybe so.

I think it has been so long since we have seen rain none of us could really imagine it might be rain.

It was then and there on this highway in the middle of nowhere I had my birthday post. Nothing earth shattering, no great words of wisdom, just the kids and I trying to figure out what these drops of water were on my windshield. This is my life and I love it, even if it’s not always pee in your pants funny.

Now I am another year closer to 40. I am wondering when I turn 40 do I change the name of the blog.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

I think it's just her.......

My dd has outgrown all of her clothes. This really did happen over night. One morning she got up and none of her clothes fit. Knowing this could not really be possible I went in her room with her to find something to wear.

I soon came out of her room in need of a large trash bag. We quickly filled it with clothes that were too small. We ended up using 3 trash bags. When we were done we had bags of clothes and a closet full of empty hangers. She really had outgrown all her clothes over night.

That brings us to today. We went shopping for new clothes.
Dd was trying on clothes. We found a couple of pair of Capri's and Bermuda shorts. Adjustable waist is the best thing ever!

Then we needed to find a couple shirts. In this new size we have a new problem. Most of the shirts are dippy. Yes dippy. Dippy translates to, too low cut. She tried on shirt after shirt and the verdict was the same, too dippy. She was trying on one last shirt and she says MOM I NEED HELP. I go in the dressing room and she is standing there with the shirt half on and half off. The security tag was stuck in her hair. She has really long hair.

I started trying to get it out. I could not. I have always wanted to be psychic and now I was. I had visions of the security tag exploding with ink covering the shirt, dd and me. So I tell ds to go get the lady to help us. He says no way! That is to embarrassing. I tell him we need help go get her.

Dd manages to put her shirt on with the security tag sticking out. We get the lady and she starts to try to get the tag out. She can’t do it. The tag remover is on the counter. It is not hand held. So we go to the sales counter and now other employees are trying to help.

No luck. They decide to lift dd up onto the counter and try to use the tag remover. The tag won’t reach the tag remover. They try to get the tag and hair to come up through her shirt so they have a little more hair to work with. No luck. So they lift her back up on the counter and lay her back and presto the tag is deactivated. She is free.

Part of the problem was the tag remover was to close to the cash register. They really need to rethink that design. Maybe have it on the edge.

I am sure this has never happened before. I am sure it will never happen again. Maybe having it right next to the register is ok.
We were sharing this story with some friends. Their response was who does this happen to. Dh responded I think it’s just her (meaning me). Then he says my older daughter got her eyelid stuck in her zipper one time. It was one of those old navy half zip fleece pullovers. Oh well you can never say our life is boring.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Do you read your emails before you send them?????

Do you read your emails before you send them???

My dh often ask me do you read your emails before you send them? Heck no, I am too busy for that. Well after today I may reconsider that advice. I emailed an old friend about a different old friend. I said I had not heard from this friend in years and would really like to know how she was doing. The friend I emailed is not someone I ever talk to now. Haven’t seen him in more years than I can count. So imagine my surprise when he emailed back and said you might want to check your spelling. Excuse me, your correcting MY spelling. We all know I NEVER make spelling mistakes. I know spell check is my friend when I remember to use it, which is not often. Everyone who gets regular emails from me knows I am a horrible speller. This person does not know that. So why is he correcting my spelling. I read the rest of the email.

You may want to check your spelling or do you really want to WHO she is doing?

I started laughing so hard I was crying. I had switched the words HOW and WHO. Hey they have all the same letters. So maybe I will start reading my emails before I hit the send button.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Cup of ice........

We were at an outdoor event and I had a cup of ice. I asked dh told hold my cup. When I came back it was sitting on the ground. Gee thanks. I start to eat the ice and notice something is in there. Brilliant idea time. Some of the ice has melted I will just dump the water out and the something will come out. I am holding the top of the ice so it doesn’t all fall out. I am even standing over a trashcan so the water doesn’t splash dirt on me when it hits the ground. I have thought of everything. At least I think I have. I start to pour and suddenly realize what I didn’t think about. I have the camera around my neck and I am not holding the cup far enough away to miss the camera. I jump back extending my arms further away hoping to miss the camera. I look up and a young man is sitting in a chair in front of me. He is trying his best not to laugh. He is falling further down in his chair and trying to cover his face with his cup. He sees me watching him, oh no. I look at him and say LAUGH it was funny. I was laughing. He sits up in his chair, uncovers his face and is laughing. He is still laughing and says it’s ok it happens to all of us. Such a sweet young man, little does he know it happens to me daily. In case you are wondering I did miss the camera with the water. If it didn’t have that long zoom lenses this would of never happened.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I don't know what I was thinking.......

I don't know what I was thinking when I stuck the $50.00 bill in my steering wheel. I probably wasn't thinking.
I was sitting at a drive thru window and folded the bill. Something about it made me wonder if I could slide it inside this little thing in the steering wheel. It worked !Next thought was wonder if it could go all the way to the other side. Suddenly it buzzed. It sounded like a bug zapper. I quickly pulled it out and said I won't do that again.Dh said what did you do?
I started laughing and each time I tried to tell him I laughed harder. Of course this is when the girl comes to the window for my money. I hand it to her with tears in my eyes. I can't stop laughing. By now the kids are laughing, why I have no idea. Probably because I am laughing so hard I am crying and the girl at the window is staring at me like I have lost my mind. DH is staring at me like he knows I have lost my mind.He ask again what did you do and why did it sound like a bug zapper. I told him I put the $50 in my steering wheel and when I did it buzzed like a bug zapper. I quickly pulled it out because I thought the air bag was about to go off on me.

I am not sure why I did it and glad nothing bad happened. I need to remember to think before I do things. I need to ask myself what might happen if I do this. Really do I want to call a tow truck and have to tell them my airbag went off because I stuck a $50 in the steering wheel?

How to keep cool

A few weeks ago it was really hot, and I discovered something really cool. I turned the air on high turned the vent just right and raised my elbow with my hand on the steering wheel. Guess what happens. I can make the air go up my sleeve around my back and back out the other sleeve. Of course you have to have everything just right for this to happen. I asked the kids if they wanted to see if they could feel the air coming out the other sleeve., they did.
Don't worry I wasn't driving when I was doing this we were stopped at a convenience store. Dh came out and said what are you doing?????? I told him and asked if he wanted to feel the air coming out my sleeve and he declined. It really is cool.