Saturday, January 31, 2009

My daughter is city challenged!!!!!!!!!!

We moved to the country when my sweet daughter was three. She remembers very little about the city life. Sometimes I forget she has spent most of her life in the country. Sometimes she reminds me.

On a trip to the city when she was 4 she announced from her car seat "I didn't know there was an airport here." I only see a very popular, very large mall. I ask her why she thinks there is an airport there. She says "Because there is a parking garage. I thought the only airport here was by G's house." I quickly tell her "Honey that is a mall." To which she responds " What is a mall?" My son fills her in on the details. She says "No way, what is it really?" I tell her we are going to the mall.

I don't remember where we were headed that day but we went to the mall instead. Since then she has been to several malls. She loves them all.

I could not believe we had been to the airport more than the mall. Then there was the day she rode in an elevator for the first time. She had ridden in an elevator when she was a toddler but did not remember those days. These are all things we never thought about my son learning about. They were just parts of life. She is older now and I thought knew about most of the differences between the city and country.

That is until the other night. We were spending the night in the city and were out later than normal. We were going to stop and get something to eat on the way to the hotel. She was asking about different places to eat.

Here is our conversation.

Mom: I am not sure what will be open.

DD: Why would they be closed?

Mom: It's very late.

DD: Things at home would be open.

Mom: No they would not.

DD: They are always open when we go.

Mom: We are usually not out this late.

DD: It's not late. It's not dark outside.

Mom: Yes it is.

DD: It doesn't look dark.

Mom: That is because of all the lights

DD: So if it's that late where are the stars?

Friday, January 30, 2009

Thank you

Thank you to my two sweet loving friends who comment. The rest of you just try to comment. You guys send emails but don't comment. I think I may start posting your emails on the blog. No I would never do that. OK I might. Is any one wondering why I haven't posted in forever? Because I have not had Internet. I truly know now I am addicted. I was going to a friends house almost daily just to check my email. Now on to my question that so many of you answered in emails. Sometimes people say things that make me wonder.....

  • "Do normal people know this?" A mom said this after I explained to her when her child would of received certain vaccinations.
  • "I have a really stupid question and I thought you would know the answer" a friend said this. I was not sure if this was a compliment or .... After all she has a rocket scientist smart husband. He was in the car with her when she called to ask.
  • "You have an excellent command of the English language." An English professor from the North East said this to me. He could not believe I was raised in the south. Maybe he should hear me now. He would believe it.
  • "Are you serious?" I have heard this more time than I can count. Often it is right after I ask a really stupid question. The person saying it is usually looking at me like I am crazy.
  • I did stick a 50 dollar bill in my steering wheel.

The truth is I like to have fun. Sometimes the price of fun is asking goofy questions or making silly statements. So next time I say something stupid remember sometimes I make you laugh.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year !!!

Here is my question for the year. Plus now you have to comment. : )

Do you think I am smart or do you think I am clueless?

Of course your answers can be fun.
Happy New Year.