Friday, February 20, 2009

Girls and their phones.........

My phone was beeping that I had a text message. Imagine my surprise when I didn't know who it was from. I read the message out loud "Hi ! It's M." and blah blah blah. I suddenly have my answer when DD says oh that's my friend. I look at her "WHAT?"

It seems she has been giving out my number and telling her friends to text her at my number. You guys know how old she is. What is going to happen when she is teen? Or even a tween. I think I will understand how parents get $1,000 text bills.

I don't want to think about it. I am not feeling well. At least my son isn't as into texting as she is. I thought when I told her she could text her older sister, she knew it was just her sister she was suppose to text. Not the whole world.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Raise you hand..............

Raise your hand if you have ever been over served!!!!!

Better yet... Raise your hand if you know what being over served means.

I can't believe no one knows what being over served means.

Maybe that's why B. thought it was so funny. He had never heard it before. He was feeling under the weather because he had been over served the night before.
I thought everyone had heard of being over served.
Maybe I made it up. Who knows.
If you were over severed you drank to much. Being over served is a way to say you had to much to drink the night before.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Over served.... is it one or two words

I was talking to a friend and her hubby was feeling a little under the weather. I told her that's what happens when you get over served.
Her hubby thinks this is the funniest thing ever. I am not sure why. Have you been over served? It happens to the best of us.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Verdict is in.......

The verdict is in.....I am not funny..... I am a smart aXX....

I will let you choose which letters to replace the x's with. I could be a smart ant, ape, ace, age... the list could on for ever.

This past weekend I was around when a little girl was lost. Everyone was trying to find her mother and her mother was found. The little girl cried and screamed the whole time she was with me. There was no calming her down. Luckily her mom was found quickly. After all returned to normal some one asked "What did her mother say?"
I said "She said 'What's wrong with you people making my kid scream like that?' "

At least one person laughed at this, another said "Did she really say that?"
No she didn't say anything. How boring would it be to say, she didn't say anything?

Today I made more people laugh. We were at a meeting for one of my kids many activities. At some point he turned it into a meeting about another activity, archery. It became obvious he was planning to sign up for this new activity asking the coach many questions. Then the coach said why are you looking at mom? I was sitting at the end of the table about 12 feet away working on something else. I said because he needs a ride to Archery. Everyone started laughing.

So maybe I am not funny after all. I can't believe it took us a year to figure it out.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

My Amazing Kids

I hear all the time how great my kids are. Sure this makes a mom feel proud then you have days like today. At the local Chinese restaurant there is a young man and woman who are from China. They are really nice to the kids. A few months ago they taught them how to eat with chopsticks. The kids are really good at it now.
Today the kids returned the favor. The kids showed them how to make a paper snake with the wrapper from the straw. How to put water from your straw on to the snake and make it grow.
Yep! That's my amazing kids. I don't think they will get a spot on Oprah anytime soon. At least they didn't show them how to tear the end of the wrapper and blow through the straw so the wrapper goes flying. Last time DD did that to her Aunt her darling Aunt ducked and the wrapper landed in a woman's hair sitting behind us.

I need a new phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have went through several phones in the last few months. I keep saying everyone has a smart phone but me. I have a stupid phone. I had the perfect phone, I loved my phone. Then my phone had an accident with the water. The next three phones I had, had accidents with the water. The next phone had an accident with the scissors. Some day I will learn to say EXACTLY what I mean. I was wrapping presents and asked my son to bring me the scissors. He comes in the room with the scissors. I tell him to throw them on the table. He does EXACTLY that. The tip hits the camera on the phone and breaks it. I didn't like that phone anyways. Now I have the stupid phone. Every time I send a text message it starts trying to guess what I am spelling. It spells words and I have to go back and erase it. Sometimes the word it guesses makes me laugh. Other times it makes the person receiving the message think I am losing my mind. One day I was meeting a friend. They sent a message saying they were almost there. I wrote back saying I am almost there to. The message they received said I am almost there tomorrow. Another message was about someone being HOT. They received a message about someone being HOTEL. Both of those times it was the last word and my phone changed it right as I hit send. I did not have a chance to change it. The other times when I am in the middle and have time to change it's not so bad. Except when I am standing by myself laughing at the words the phone is choosing. I am almost ready to give in and get a IPHONE.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Every where I go.......

It seems every where I go I see someone I know. Earlier this week I was in the mini city which is 80 miles from home. I was at Sam's and see someone I know. Tonight the kids and I were on our way home from the City and stop to get something to eat. We are about 60 miles from home. We are walking out of the restaurant as people are walking in. We stop and wait for them. Finally the last person is holding the door for us. Guess what? I know him. We chat for a minute and he ask what are you doing out here? I tell him and ask what he is doing there. He is 200 miles from home. This happens all the time. I have been in other states and seen people I know. I don't know if I just know a lot of people or if we all just travel often.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Road Signs

I have been wondering about road signs. Does the no littering sign keep you from littering. I am pretty sure I would not litter even if there were no signs. Someone dumped a couch on the side of the road at the end of our road. When it was picked up, they put up a sign that said no dumping. Do you think if the sign had been there it would of kept the people from dumping the couch?

Maybe they have to have these signs so they can enforce the law if they catch someone. I don't know. Next on my list are the deer crossing signs. How do they decide where to put those? Do the deer know that is where they should cross? I have seen several deer crossing right where the sign is. I just wonder how the deer knew to cross there.


I have this friend…..

I have this friend and we always laugh and have fun when we are together. She is my best friend. At least I hope she is after she reads this. It seems not only do we laugh together we get sick together.

A few years ago we went to a bookstore together. It should have taken us an hour to get there, but it took us three hours. We ate lunch before we left at a taco place. That was our huge mistake of the day.

We were driving, talking, laughing and just enjoying the day. Probably why it took us three hours to get there. We had to miss a turn somewhere. We were having a great time. We finally get to the bookstore. We are so excited to check out all the books. We had heard great things about this store. Well we are looking around and suddenly I ask her do you feel ok? Her answer is no. I am feeling worse by the second. We leave and start home.

We are so sick. We keep laughing because we can’t believe how bad we feel. The laughing is making it worse. Why can’t we stop laughing? I am going to be sick. My stomach is killing me. I just want to get home and go to bed. It is becoming obvious we have food poisoning. I did try to convince her it was her driving that was making us sick.

We make it home in less than an hour. We both are dying by this time. I still have to get in my car and drive home. Luckily home was only15 minutes away.

A few days later we are talking to friends and mention we went to the bookstore. They all say oh why didn’t you invite us? We would of loved to gone. We both say oh just be glad you didn’t. It was horrible. Of course now this store has a location 10 minutes from my friends house. So every one goes and no one gets food poisoning along the way.

Now we have yet another story of being sick together. We went to this place to go swimming. It was a blast all the kids had a great time. It was so much fun we made plans to go back next month and invite ALL of our friends. We couldn’t wait to go back.

Two days later we hear on the news any one who went swimming there and starts to feel ill should contact the health department immediately. Excuse me? We could have what? Are you kidding? Ok so the news doesn’t joke and no they didn’t answer my questions. Maybe I should of called and asked them. So the last week we have stayed close to home waiting to get sick. Every now and then my stomach hurts and I think oh no this is it. I am getting sick. A little bit later I forget it was hurting and I am fine. We call and text each other, the question is always the same. How do you feel? The kids are avoiding me. They are tired of me asking them if they feel ok. So for a few more days we will wait to be sick. I don’t think ever in my life I have waited to be sick. A friend invited us to go to an amusement park with her family tomorrow. I told her we can’t we might be sick. Maybe I should have explained why we might be sick. I wonder if she will ever invite us somewhere again. I don’t think we will go back next month. I don’t think I will ever swim in a public pool again. We have a little above ground pool. I think we need to upgrade to a huge in ground pool with water slides. Then we can just swim at home. That’s all for now I need to get back to waiting to be sick.