Wednesday, July 23, 2008

5 words swingers should not say......

To all the swingers out there I might have lunch with some day please do not say "He can go either way". Even if you are talking about pizza toppings.

This was so funny. I was trying so hard not to laugh. Of course we weren't suppose to know you were a swinger. Of course you look just like us and every one else there. There could of been 10 other swingers in Chuck E. Cheese that day. But you said those 5 words. Those 5 words that would make me burst into laughter for the rest of my life. Now my friends can not say, "what ever I can go either way". With out me laughing.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Where's The Beef?

Didn't Wendy’s have the commercial with the lady saying Where’s the beef?
Yesterday the kids and I stopped at Wendy’s for lunch. We ordered from the Value Menu. It’s not a dollar menu maybe it never was. We don’t eat at Wendy’s enough to know. Anyways when I sat down with my burger I needed to add pepper. This is when the fun started. I took off the top bun and said Where’s the beef? It was missing. Upon closer examination I realized it was there. It was a 2” square. It was maybe an 1/8 of an inch thick.

My first thought was I have to get a picture of this. I was about to run to the car for my camera and remembered I had left it at home. Why was my camera at home? I needed a picture of this.

The 1.00 menu has items for 1.19 and 1.29, which would be why it’s the value menu instead of the dollar menu. I wanted to go order more items to see how they had shrunk. I had heard prices were going up or the size was shrinking but this was ridiculous.

I am planning a trip to Wendy’s real soon. I am going to order different things from the menu and take pictures. Maybe I will go to McDonald's and take pictures there to. Who all has dollar menus or Value Menus?

Yes it is a hot boring summer. I need something to do. My son wants me to mention the bread was very dry and tasted a year old. Both kids said, “We really need to start packing food again so we don’t have to eat out when we are away from home”. So maybe it was good thing.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

It's all fun and games until.....

It's all fun and games until the 2 liter of root beer starts spraying inside your SUV. We had just returned from the grocery store and the fun began. I opened the back of the SUV and a 2 liter of root beer fell out of the back. My first reaction was we won't be opening that any time soon. That reaction quickly changed to oh my gosh it's spraying all over me. DS and I took off running. DD was in a different direction and not being sprayed. She was just watching. Then she started screaming "The truck". DS and I turn to see the bottle has flipped and is now spraying root beer in to the back of our fairly new suv. I am in shock for a moment. I stare in disbelief. Luckily dd is thinking and takes her clean clothes in to her own hands and runs into the shower of root beer to save the suv. She grabs the 2 liter and throws it away from the suv. We are all safe now thanks to Super DD.

This is the suv no one is allowed to drink sodas in. The one we are trying to keep clean. Who knew it would be covered in soda just from a trip to the grocery store. We spent the next hour cleaning root beer out of the back of the suv.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fire Works or Frogs

I hope every one had a fabulous 4th of July. Ours was busy but wonderful.

Both kids were in the parade. One in 4H and the other in Boy Scouts. How small town is that? On the way home Dh asked the kids did you see any of your friends during the parade route. They both said no. I said how are they going to see any of their friends all their friends were in the parade?

Later in the afternoon we went to a cook out at a friends house. The food was great and after we ate the kids played soccer with the 20 something guys.

It was getting dark and we started getting things ready for the fire works. We were all sitting on a concrete patio outside their barn.

This a beautiful barn. I always want their barn. : )

We were sitting out waiting for the fire works to start. We can see the neighbors a few houses down have set up their chairs and they are all facing our direction. Dh said can you imagine what they said when they invited their guest over. Hey we are having a cook out come over and you can watch our neighbor shoot off their fire works.

It became a joke that the neighbors were having a competition with our host to have the best fire works. Our host won by a landslide. It was not even close.

It was one of the best firework displays I have seen. I have seen fire works put on by cities that did not have as many. During the fire works one of the kids caught a frog. All the kids were looking at the frog and it got away. So suddenly all the kids were looking for the frog. None were watching the fire works. They had a frog to find. They gave up on the frog and went back to watching fire works. I was laughing frogs or fireworks?

July 4th 2008 - Fire Works or Frogs.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Why I don't like Wal-Mart

I am sure I could make a list of 1,000 reasons I don't like Wal-Mart, but here are a couple.

1. The guy that uses the little cart thing that brings in the buggies has hit a car in the parking lot twice.

2. Two employees at wal-mart got in a fight while they were working.

3. Our local wal-mart is always out of chalk board chalk. I don't need sidewalk chalk.

4. I always spend to much money when I go there.

Anyone have anything to add to the list?????