Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Boobie Smashing

I had an appointment today to have my boobies smashed. When the dr. told me I had to have this done, he spent ten minutes telling me how I should of already went. I told him maybe he should give me a tranquilizer for this appointment. He laughed and said it's not that bad. I said that is easy for you to say.

I arrived at the office thinking maybe I should just skip this. The lady asked me if I was ready. I told her maybe I needed to be sedated. She laughed and said I promise it is not as bad as you have heard. She spent several minutes explaining everything and making sure I was ready. She told me it might be uncomfortable but it will be tolerable. I kept thinking she doesn't know how low my pain tolerance is.
Did I blog about giving blood? I can't remember. It wasn't a good experience. I had a bruise two weeks later. Ok back to today.

The worst part of today is the having to stand still. She tells you don't breath and be still. I wanted to move so bad. She asked if it was as bad as I thought. I said the standing still part is the worst. She said she had one lady who told her but I can feel my heart beating. LOL

So ladies don't put this off. It is not bad, I promise. Throw modesty out the window. Once you throw modesty out the window you will be fine.

I don't know why everyone says it is so bad. It was not bad. Not something I want to do every day but I would rather do that than donate blood again.