Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Questions people ask.......

When my daughter was 2 she had beautiful curly light blond hair. She was called Shirley Temple so many times she started answering to Shirley.

I was asked weekly if I dyed her hair? Excuse me she is 2. Oh does she have a perm? Excuse me she is 2. Oh did you curl it? Excuse me she is 2.

Sometimes I would say yes she gets a perm every two months and we bleach it every week. Really what were these people thinking.

Fast forward a couple of years and her hair is dark blond and straight.
So we no longer get the questions from before. It has been nice and I had almost forgotten about all the silly questions. That is until tonight. I was at the store buying bottled water. I know not good for the environment. Our city water failed a test and is not safe for drinking. So we are drinking bottled water.

Anyways the lady was commenting on how much water I was buying and wanting to know if that was just for our family. Yes we drink water. We don't drink sodas. We drink water.

Then came the question. DO YOU DO HER EYEBROWS. I said excuse me? She said it again. Do you do her eyebrows? Before I could stop myself I said Are you kidding me? She said they are so pretty. I said well that's just the way they are. I should of had some really good answer but I was never expecting this one.

Who would pluck or wax their child's eyebrows. Really we all know how that worked out for me. Why would I do that to my child.

So next time you are tempted to ask a mom a question about their child's appearance DON'T unless you want them to go home and blog about it.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The #1 reason you need a landline phone.

I had our home phone disconnected a few weeks ago. We never used it, so why not?

When I called to disconnect the lady told me all the reason we should keep it. I told her that's ok we will be fine. In fact it took my dh over a week to realize it had been disconnected. We use our cell phones all the time. He calls me when I am at home on my cell phone. Everyone does.

We have not missed the landline phone at all. That is until yesterday. I now know why you need your landline phone.


I was going into complete panic mode. We were leaving and I could not find my cell phone. I kept thinking what am I going to do. I thought about running to the neighbors and having her call it. Then I realized it would be a 3 mile run over there and back. Oh yeah I could drive over there and tell her wait 5 minutes and call. Then I thought she will think I am crazy. So forget that idea. I finally found it. I had put it in the box of girl scout badges I had been ironing on.

My kids have been wanting cell phones. Maybe I will get them one so when I lose mine I can use theirs to call mine.

If the lady at the phone company would of said "How are you going to call your cell phone when you can't find it?"

Those few simple words and we might still have our landline phone. Maybe I should call the phone company and tell them to put that at the top of their ten reasons you need a landline phone.

So before you disconnect your landline phone ask yourself " How will I call my cell phone when I can't find it?"

Saturday, April 19, 2008

I have readers....

I have 4 loyal readers and I thank you. Actually I have 5 but one didn't leave a comment. I know he is out there though because he has mentioned my posts before.

So to my 5 loyal readers thank you.

Melissa was correct it isn't so much that people are reading as it is I have no idea who is reading.

Gina, I had forgotten all about the napkin that looked like toilet paper. I laughed so hard when I read your comment, I am laughing now. That was the funniest day ever.

OK for funny stories... this is a good short one.

I was helping a friend move and we were a bit delirious from being so busy all day.

We were both going up the stairs at the same time. About half way up she decided to pretend to race me. She said something like ready, set, go and started to run up the stairs. I
started to run, then the idea came. I was going to run up the stairs and at the last minute leap for the top stair and yell I WON !! But the thought of doing that was to funny so I fell down on the stairs laughing and could not stop laughing. She turned and said I was kidding. I said I know I was going to leap for the top stair and yell I won. But when I thought how funny it was I just stopped and laughed.

This was so funny we both sat on the stairs laughing, thankful we were the only ones there to witness our silliness.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sometimes I wonder....

Sometimes I wonder if I am talking to myself. Lately I wonder if I am typing to myself. I have only had three comments since I started this blog. OK I will admit I don't tell everyone about it. I don't post much but come on, is any one reading.

Really I think I would like it better if I knew people weren't reading. I was reading a blog and it said my wife got a haircut. It was a really cute post but I kept thinking. My dh would say my wife cut her hair because......

I do a lot of stupid, goofy, funny, silly things. It is what makes me who I am. I am a dork. Really it's true.

This weekend we were at an all day event with the kids. We had brought our lunch back to the area we were all sitting. All being kids and parents. Several families I think our group was 7 families. Ok so the goofy restaurant did not give us any napkins. My darling sweet daughter got food on her new shirt. She was freaking out needing a napkin. I asked one of the dads who was sitting in his truck if he had any napkins.

He said sure here is a whole box. It was one of those commercial size shop boxes full of paper towels that are all connected. Imagine a 1000 foot roll of paper towels all in one box in one roll. That is what he stuck out the truck window. He said take all you want. Well I had a bottle of water in one hand and with the other went to pull out one napkin. At the same time he let go of the box. I am holding the end and the whole box falls to the ground. Napkins rolling out. The box must of rolled down a hill. I am only 5 feet tall and there was at least 10 feet of napkins in my hand.

Of course everyone bust out laughing. It was funny. But how did I not know that he was going to let go of the box. I didn't know he was handing me the box. I thought I was suppose to grab what I needed and he would keep the rest.

Of course the rest of the day it was a joke about the napkins and did I need any more.

I am glad I am able to entertain everyone.

Napkins any one?????

Some maybe I am glad more people aren't reading.