Wednesday, December 3, 2008

It all happened in one apartment......part 1

I was thinking about an old friend the other day and so many memories came back. I was laughing out loud and was all alone in a store. I knew I should of been focusing on what I was buying and not what happened almost 20 years ago. I decided to share some of the stories here.
One night we stopped by the apartment to pick up one of the guys who lived there C. C. wasn't ready when we got there. He was running around like a crazy person to get ready. He slept on a fold out couch in the dining area. The couch was folded out and blocked the entry to the kitchen. One of his shoes was in the kitchen. He was running and jumped on the fold out bed and was planning on running across the bed to the kitchen. The couch had other plans it folded up on him. He was now stuck in the couch. This was the funniest thing I had ever seen. He was screaming for help and I was laughing. I couldn't help because I could not stop laughing. The person with me was laughing to. Finally C. yelled help me, I think my leg is broke. We were still laughing but unfolded the couch to get him out. He was fine. I never saw that couch folded out again unless he was sleeping in it. I think he learned it was worth the two minutes to fold up his blankets and fold up the couch.