Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Lifeguards and Butterflies

Last summer the kids and I were at a private party at the public pool. I'm standing around talking to other parents and hear this scream and lifeguards coming down off the stands and others running to the side of the pool, the deep end. I turn KNOWING some how my daughter is involved. Sure enough she is in the middle of the life guards and they are ALL looking in the pool. One of the teenage boy lifeguards runs to get the pool skimmer. I'm thinking can I leave now? I'm scared to go find out what is going on. Now everyone is standing together looking in the pool. The teenage boy gets something out of the pool and all the girls cheer. So what was in the pool you wonder. A BUTTERFLY and it might of died if they lifeguard would not of saved it.
One of the other moms said why could "M" not of screamed like that when she lost her goggles in the deep end. They never did find the goggles.

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