Sunday, July 26, 2009

I don't know where I am.

Recently I was driving and my phone rang. I answered and said "I don't know where I'm at but, I will probably lose my signal." The person calling started laughing and said that made absoultly no sense. I said sure it does I'm somewhere between here and there and I never have a signal. Don't ask exactly where I'm at because I don't know. More laughter and I lost my signal. Told you : )
On the way back home someone else called and asked where I was. I said on the way home. They said " smart axx where are you" I don't know where I'm somewhere between there and home. Why is it so hard for people to know I don't know where I'm at?
So if you call today and I say I don't know where I'm at you will know.

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Melissa Nelson said...

Hmm, are these city people that don't get it? Out in the country there are whole stretches of road where it's hard to describe where you are and we've found that most city folks just don't get it.